OLTEX BV Petroleum Tank Farm has its own independent specialist in the logistics and delivery of petroleum, petrochemicals, chemicals and biodiesel. Working from our offices in Rotterdam and Singapore and Houston, a strong team of Terminal operators organize the shipping of oils for a variety of companies, and provide strategic insights and advice.

Todays’ transport of oils has to meet a high standard. As a specialist in brokerage, OLTEX BV Petroleum Tank Farm knows many players in this niche market. For our customers it is important to be able to rely on the expertise of our brokers. With this in mind, we go well beyond just the transaction. With our knowledge and broad network, we assist customers with the shipping of edible and relates oils. Not with a ‘fix and forget’ mentality however; we take care of the complete handling of a shipment, as well as providing information before, during and after.

These key principles are enshrined in all of our policies and procedures and represent a common standard for our work practices and interactions with stakeholders. The Corporate Code of Conduct also recognises the importance of providing a positive and professional working environmental in which all people are treated with respect and dignity. Therefore the Corporate Code of Conduct prohibits all forms of workplace harassment, discrimination or mobbing, and outlines a process to report all such incidents.

The Corporate Code of Conduct requires us to carry out our business fairly, openly and honestly. We are committed to operating our business in a manner consistent with the laws of the jurisdictions in which the business operates, including those relating to financial reporting, accounting regulations, anti-bribery and anti-corruption. The Corporate Code of Conduct sets the required standard regarding prohibited conduct associated with bribery and corruption, insider trading and conflicts of interest.


Rotterdam Europoort Terminal
Houston Terminal
Rotterdam Terminal II

At present this Terminal is fed from imports and deliveries are made to through tank trucks and pipeline. A dedicated pipeline is laid to deliver low Sulphur fuel oil consuming power plant, located in the adjacent premises