OLTEX BV Petroleum Tank Farm and Storage Terminal is a Company duly incorporated in the Netherlands with its primary function as a petroleum Tank Farm for the storage and handling of petroleum and petrochemical products. We are a company engaged in bulk petroleum storage and distribution activities with state of the art infrastructure facilities for management of down stream product handling in Europe, Netherland and worldwide.

We stand out from all other companies due to our rare combination of commercial agility and trusted professionalism. We are quick and responsive in recognising opportunities in the supply chain management, product handling quality and storage of petroleum and petrochemical products, we present well thought out and principled solutions and a unique stance in how we approach them.

To remain as the most efficient terminal operator, meeting stakeholders expectations and committed to make perceivable and continual improvement in the level of customer satisfaction, while preserving the quality and ensuring the exact quantity of the petroleum products being delivered to the terminal facility users/customers, honouring the health, environmental and safety standards in force through dedicated participation of a loyal, contended and well trained workforce, guided by the feedback of the customers and the general public.

Our terminal managers of liquid storage terminal with oil drum facilities in The Netherlands, have developed the concept of storage brokerage, a service. Wit years of experiences at trading houses, petroleum products producers, shipowners and terminal operators, they have gathered the experience required to offer a complete service for terminal operatorion and product delivery.

What do we provide:

We provides market analysis and reports for our customers.
Storage brokerage: a new and unique service, providing global tank storage solutions.
Spot storage: finding storage space quickly for off spec products, seasonal production schedules or as trade opportunities.
Long term storage: finding the best tank for the required transportation mode(s) at competitive terms and conditions.
Tender management: checking the market on pricing and availability to optimize your storage requirements.
Acting as business intermediary by bringing parties together.
Review of bulk storage strategies for companies with existing storage contracts.
Inspecting contract duration, contract clauses, locations, tank sizes, tank specifications, rate structures, etc.

We are committed to strong corporate governance. Our Board is comprised of eight directors, six of whom are independent. Our independent directors bring a wealth of experience in operations, finance, law and accounting. There is clear separation of the roles of the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer to ensure an appropriate balance of responsibility and accountability. The Board has also established detailed charters to enable it to function independently of management and to facilitate open and candid discussion among the independent directors. The Board holds in-camera independent director meetings through the Corporate Governance Committee at every scheduled Board meeting, and otherwise as deemed necessary and upon the request of independent directors.

We are committed to conducting our business with integrity and we have in place a code of conduct (the “Corporate Code of Conduct”), which applies to everyone who works for us or on our behalf. All individuals engaged in any capacity by OLTEX BV Petroleum Tank Farm including all permanent, temporary, contract and seconded employees, and consultants are required to adhere to the following key principles set out in the Corporate Code of Conduct, which includes the following key principles:

Act honestly and with integrity; Be respectful to all work colleagues; Foster initiative and creativity; Create and increase shareholder value in an ethical and legal manner; Avoid conflicts of interest; Maintain suitable confidentiality about all work activities; Never make improper payments to government officials or business partners or their families.