STORAGE & ISLAND WIDE DISTRIBUTION Off shore operations to receive products from tanker unloadings Quality assurance of all petroleum products handled Welcome to OLTEX BV Petroleum Tank Farm and Storage Terminal

Leader in the Petroleum Storage & Distribution Industry in Europe, Netherland and worldwide.


OLTEX BV Tank Farm is a Company duly incorporated in the Netherlands with its primary function as a petroleum Tank Farm for the storage and handling of petroleum and petrochemical products.

Our Business

We are a company engaged in petroleum storage and distribution activities with state of the art infrastructure facilities for management of down stream product handling in Europe, Netherland and worldwide.


To remain as the most efficient terminal operator in the island, meeting stakeholders expectations and committed to make perceivable and continual improvement in the level of customer satisfaction

Our services

Even though we are dedicated to petroleum product handling, we offer a wide range of services. to the petroleum marketing companies in Europe, Netherland and worldwide

Petroleum product storage

Petroleum product storage services via various locations at Rotterdam Europort Terminal and Houston Port USA.

Petroleum product distribution

Throuh partnership with leading shipping companies we have inherited a valuable heritage in petroleum transport.

Lab test

We provide state-of- the-art petroleum industry specific laboratory tests to guarantee quality of the products.

IT service

We maintain a standard data centre to provide an uninterrupted service, as a major player in the storage of petrochemical products.

Fire and Safety

We maintain professional fire and safety mechanism and procedures to ensure the safety of employees, general public and the products.


We maintain professional security measures to ensure the safety and security of employees, assets and the general public.

We serve the global energy requirement while improving safety,environmental and social performance

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